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Re: libc6 select problems?

On 4 Jan 1998, Mark W. Eichin wrote:

> > 	I'm working on `strace'... there is a working version (in .rpm
> > format) in ftp.nuclecu.unam.mx:/pub/Linux/Sparc-miguel (well, I cannot
> Thanks.  Since then I've also noticed that the
> vger.rutgers.edu:/pub/linux/Sparc/userland has a sparc strace rpm...

That RPM is the same one as at the nuclecu site.

> Now I just need to find sources for the debian build of silo (they're
> not on ftp.debian.org, tsk tsk!) so I can patch it to understand
> x86-byte-order root partitions...

SILO source is at

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