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Re: how stable is debian sparc?

"Craig" == Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

Craig> 	2.  try out the debian sparc port.  i can only do this,
Craig> however, if it's reasonably stable (i.e it doesn't crash
Craig> randomly - crashing if i do stupid things is sort of ok).

It is stable.  My SS20 was was up about a month before I took it down
to install the teardrop patch.  This is with 2.0.27 and 1500 users,
of which theres usually 30 logged in and using pine during the day.

Craig> machine on site so i can experiment with porting the web server
Craig> machines (3 sparc/solaris boxes running netscape server) to
Craig> debian and apache.

I don't know if Netscape makes a sparclinux version of their server,
but I know Apache 1.2 and 1.3a work fine with it -- if you link
with libc5.  A problem with libc6 prevents it from working at the

Craig> of primary importance, though, is the radius server.  is
Craig> debian/sparc stable enough to run this - is it stable enough to
Craig> run an ISPs main authentication server on?

I've had no problems running radiusd-merit.

Craig> if it is, my second question is: is it stable enough to take a
Craig> bit of light experimentation with apache (including bringing
Craig> ip_alias interfaces up and down for virtual hosts) as well?

Yes if you compile the ip_alias support in -- I've had an intermittent
problem getting it to load as a module.  Also the later 2.1.x kernels
work fine if aliasing is not enabled, otherwise it crashes within 3
days max.  But 2.0.27 can run 55 aliases indefinitely, it seems.  :-)

Craig> debian onto a sparc2 box?  can debian install itself onto a
Craig> sparc or should i buy a copy of redhat first, and then convert

Debian will install -- I did the NFS install from hamm/disks-sparc,
then used a boot disk to silo the kernel into place.

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