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how stable is debian sparc?

I've started a new job (sysadmin at vicnet.net.au), and one of my tasks is
to rebuild a spare sparc2 box into a radius server for the new cisco
dialup gear. 

i've got two choices:

	1.  solaris.  it'll work but i hate the filesystem layout and
            i hate that you've got to install truckloads of free software
            to turn it into a decent working environment (and even then
            you'll be several versions behind the latest bugfixes and
            security fixes).

            i've considered the dpkg for solaris stuff which was mentioned
            here in debian-devel a few weeks ago but don't really want to
            try it on such an important machine.

	2.  try out the debian sparc port.  i can only do this, however,
            if it's reasonably stable (i.e it doesn't crash randomly -
            crashing if i do stupid things is sort of ok).

I have another agenda here too.  i'm replacing the mail, dns, and ftp
servers with pentium boxes running debian to free up our main sparc server
for another use.  I want a debian sparc machine on site so i can
experiment with porting the web server machines (3 sparc/solaris boxes
running netscape server) to debian and apache.

of primary importance, though, is the radius server.  is debian/sparc
stable enough to run this - is it stable enough to run an ISPs main
authentication server on?

if it is, my second question is: is it stable enough to take a bit of
light experimentation with apache (including bringing ip_alias interfaces
up and down for virtual hosts) as well? 

finally, does anyone have any pointers on bootstrapping linux & debian
onto a sparc2 box?  can debian install itself onto a sparc or should i buy
a copy of redhat first, and then convert from RH to debian?

any clues, suggestions, advice, recommendations, and URL pointers greatly



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