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Re: Install Woes :(

On Oct 12, Udjat the BitMeister... wrote
> (Second post cause I dont think the first on made it  through SORRY!)

The first one came through also.
>     I am trying to install debian-sparc. But I have the following issues:
> Net booting work untill the point it says:
> - --- begin
> Root-NFS: Got RARP anwser from my address
> Root-NFS: Got file handle for /tftpboot/ via RPC
> VFS: Mounted root (nfs filesystem)
> Freeing unused kernel memory: 36k code, 4k data
> - --- end
> Then it just hangs, the network is transfering lots data but nothing is
> happening. I have let it sit for over an hour. I need help setting of nfs
> correctly.
> Setup: Sparc 1+ serial console [no monitor]
I had the same setup once. It gave the same problems either.
What happens is that the kernel somehow loses its controlling terminal as the
root display after initialising the kernel. The network traffic is the 
complete boot played by init.
I don't recall how I solved the terminal problem but I did manage to install
an inetd daemon and telnet access and was able to telnet into the box.

Good luck, Guido

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