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Re: glibc availability

Ok, I've had some time to try and get some libc6 stuff done
I've been using stock linux-2.1.51 (which fixes the Sun4
slowdowns *and* has the nice side-effect of allowing me
to drive my IPC serial port at 38k4 reliably).

I've stripped back my system to the bare essentials, and
then added everything I could find on

Now, progress report;

I'm trying to recompile mount, as the original binary I was
using broke as a result of the kernel upgrade; however,
compilation chokes *real* early on with a whole bunch of
errors about redefinitions; <sys/socket.h> includes
<bits/socket.h>, which defines PF_*; however, these are
*also* defined in <linux/socket.h>...

Similar stories apply to <sys/mount.h>, <bits/mount.h>,
and <linux/fs.h>...

Badly, badly broken by the looks of things; as a last
ditch effort I moved /usr/include elsewhere and reinstalled
libc6-dev; still much the same errors.

Unfortunately I don't have an intel libc6 machine to
compare against... suggestions anyone?

An initial attempt at recompiling dpkg also failed
dismally, with much the same problem.

netbase-2.17/ also fails, but the errors are due more
to storage size changes than anything else...

I wish I had something positive to report; if there's
detail I can provide which will help get past this
hurdle, I'll do my best; for now, I think I have to
just perservere with libc5, as it's the only working
environment I have for sparc.


Simon                                    (sjm@condor.com.au)

turn around, look at what you see...
                  ... in her face, the mirror of your dreams

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