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Re: libc6/gcc status

Eric Delaunay wrote:
 > Hello,

Hi Eric,

 >   I'm back from holliday, so I would want to know if anyone have succeeded in
 > compiling some program with my libc6 package?
 > Tell me every problem you have encountered (if any).

I have compiled this packages:

debmake 3.3.6
zlib 1.0.4-7
less 332-1
tar 1.12-1
grep 2.0-12

Thet are already uploaded, and I will mantain them
if nobody objects. 

tar doesn't work very well
(I have already reported the errors on this list,
and maybe I have to raise a bug against myself)

Andreas Jellinghaus has compiled some others programs on my machine,
that I have not yet tested, He has used his script that automatically
build packages from sources. Fortunatly some packages compiled cleanly:

ae_962-14_sparc.deb            libgsm-dev_1.0.10-2_sparc.deb
autolog_0.34-2_sparc.deb       libgsm1_1.0.10-2_sparc.deb
bin86_0.4-3_sparc.deb          lshell_2.01-8_sparc.deb
bison_1.25-9_sparc.deb         make_3.75-6_sparc.deb
cflow_2.0-9_sparc.deb          minicom_1.75-2_sparc.deb
debianutils_1.5_sparc.deb      nasm_0.94-3_sparc.deb
dialog_0.9a-9_sparc.deb        pmake_1.0-15_sparc.deb
diff_2.7-13_sparc.deb          prcs_1.1.1-2_sparc.deb
diffstat_1.25-6_sparc.deb      pwgen_1-7_sparc.deb
dlltools_2.17-13_sparc.deb     rcs_5.7-7_sparc.deb
elvis-tiny_1.4-3_sparc.deb     sed_2.05-14_sparc.deb
fdflush_1.0.0-8_sparc.deb      setserial_2.12-4_sparc.deb
flex_2.5.4-2_sparc.deb         shellutils_1.16-4_sparc.deb
ftnchek_2.9.4-1_sparc.deb      sudo_1.5.2-4_sparc.deb
gmp_2.0.2-2_sparc.deb          syslinux_1.30-2_sparc.deb
grep_2.0-12_sparc.deb          sysnews_0.8-8_sparc.deb
gzip_1.2.4-15_sparc.deb        sysvinit_2.71-2_sparc.deb
indent_1.9.1-16_sparc.deb      tar_1.12-1_sparc.deb
libgsm-bin_1.0.10-2_sparc.deb  textutils_1.22-2_sparc.deb

then the script failed, because I rebooted my sparc :-).
I have them on my machine, and could upload on some ftp
site, if someone want to test them.

BTW, my sparc machine is running a full debian system.
The installation suffers from some well known problems
but I managed them well. It would be very helpful if
someone with a sparc with a floppy could test
the installation procedure.

I'm now trying to compiled SILO with glibc.

Eric, please take a look at the error that I reported,
with tar and glibc. I have not the skill to look
at glibc sources to correct it.

Davide Barbieri - paci@linux.it - paci@debian.org
PGP fingerprint =  CD 8D A9 1E DB 0C B0 16  F8 2F BF 63 52 49 8B A8

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