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Re: Sparc/Linux status

Ben Gertzfield wrote:
> I recently tried installing Sparc Linux onto a SS2 I have here, and
> boy, I hate to say it, but it's a mess under Debian.

> I'd love to help compile packages for Debian/Sparc (or maybe it's
> S/Debian? *wink*).. it seems it's desperately needed.
> For instance, why does Red Hat 4.2 for Sparc have fdisk, but the
> Debian install doesn't?
> Why does Red Hat have a boot floppy, but Debian doesn't?
> Why is dinstall terribly broken in the base1_2.tgz in the
> disks-sparc/current directory? I couldn't even convince it that I'd
> mounted my root partition (it kept telling me I needed to for some odd
> reason..)
> What can I do to help? Right now, unfortunately, the SS2 is running
> Red Hat, because I wanted X and yp and other goodies.
> Ben

Yes, I know that boot disks set is painful to use :-((  I made it available as
is to help developers to start their port to Debian.  It need a lot of
enhancements/bugfixes, but I don't have time to work on it for 1.5 month at
least. Sorry.
Furthermore, I don't have a Sparc (even without floppy drive) I could use to
validate the installation procedure.
So, I don't object to anyone how want to take over this package.  I can
provide a set of patches against an old boot-floppies package (1.2.17 ?) as a
start point for a new developer.
BTW, boot-floppies should be enhanced to really support diskless installation
and serial consoles.

About fdisk, a binary program is available in util-linux 2.5-9 package found
in Debian/Sparc tree.  I just made a mistake when I built boot disks that made
it unavailable.


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