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Re: newbie w/ debian-sparc

Pasi Pirhonen wrote:
> Hi,
> I found myself bored last night, so i installed debian-sparc ;)
> I didn't have framebuffer, so i had to do some creative things, but
> it's up and running now, but i have at least couple of things in my mind.

Yeah, welcome to Debian/SPARC community :-))

> 1) Why on earth the system CPU usage is so high?
> I assume that it is from SCSI-driver, but it should be so bad AFAIK ...

Did you try the latest stable kernel, 2.0.30 for Linuxsparc?
(I believe that installation disks provide only a 2.0.29)

> 2) i compiled few packages for 'out of USA community' as i didn't see
> those in Non-US mirror, namely ssh and pgp.
> Those are available in 
> ftp://gorba.lpt.fi/debian/debian-non-US/binary-sparc/
> Hope someone finds those packages usefull ....

Good.  Some of us worked on pgp when Debian package was not designed for sparc
and participating in fixing bugs, but we have not uploaded anything :-(
(I have a pgp-i binary running here, but I don't want to upload anything from
non-US because I'm living in France and french laws do not allow crypto usage :-(( ).

Can you upload them to non-US site as well?


PS: now you can develop with libc6.  Packages are available at
  you can already get libc6, binutils & libg++ packages.
  ncurses is coming soon.
  Feel free to try them and report any bug to me.
  You have to uninstall any -dev package for libc5, and replace gcc specs file
  (/usr/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-linux/ by the one provided under exp.

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