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SPARCStation 1 questions

I have some questions about my SPARCStation 1.

What I have on hand is:

	SPARCStation 1 with floppy drive, no disk or RAM.
	Two-slot video card, probably color.
	Video cable.
	Sun keyboard.
	Sun Optical Mouse.
	A few RGB Monitors that should work.

What I can provide is:
	SCSI-2 Disk.

What I am missing is:

	Keyboard cable.
	Optical mouse pad.
	Hardware documentation.
I have 4 1MB non-parity SIMMS from an old PC. Will the system accept
non-parity RAM? What RAM slots do I populate first? I can probably round
up 16MB of those SIMMS if they work.  I might be able to find some parity
ones, for example from an old Mac II.

Will the system light up the frame buffer with no disk plugged into it,
and no keyboard? So far, it just puts on the front panel light (solid),
and one mouse LED, and does not beep, but that may be because I have the
RAM in the wrong slots and no keyboard connected. Will it try to use the
serial port for a console if there's no keyboard connected?

If I can't dig one up at Pixar, does anyone have a spare keyboard cable?
Does the cable from any other sort of computer work?


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