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Re: gdb available

In article <[🔎] 199704091305.PAA09040@chiara.dei.unipd.it> you wrote:
: It is version 4.16-6, and not 4.16-1 because I have first
: tried to compile the original package for i386 debian,
: then modified it when necessary (almost applying RedHat patches).

The policy says that a non-maintainer release should keep the existing Debian
version number, but add a suffix.  See the policy manual for more details.  
This way, if the normal Debian maintainer releases a -2 version, dpkg/dselect
will do the predicted things.  Also, make sure you file bug reports against
the package providing the patches necessary for supporting other architectures
so that the normal Debian package maintainer can roll in the changes to their
source tree.

: PS> I'm sure that the gdb package will also be available on
: lix.polytechnique.fr in few hours (thanks Eric) :-)

One you fix the version number, I suggest you consider uploading it to master,
since we just seeded master's "hamm" tree with the contents of the sparc
trees on lix... normal upload procedures should be used from now on for new
package releases for Sparc.


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