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gdb available


	while I'm still trying to understand what is (or could be)
wrong in my gcc package, I made a gdb package for debian sparc.

It is available via anonymous ftp on test.dei.unipd.it:/pub/debian

It is version 4.16-6, and not 4.16-1 because I have first
tried to compile the original package for i386 debian,
then modified it when necessary (almost applying RedHat patches).

This is the standard policy we should use (I think):
we need to have only one source file, which have to generate
the binary for every architecture.

Let me know if you find any bugs on gdb-4.16: I'm using
since two days, without problems.


PS> I'm sure that the gdb package will also be available on
lix.polytechnique.fr in few hours (thanks Eric) :-)

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