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Re: libc/dev/dbg

Eric Delaunay wrote:
> Davide Barbieri wrote:
> > Hi Eric
> > 
> > 	I have divided libc5 in 3 package
> > 
> > libc5
> > libc5-dev
> > libc5-dbg
> > 
> > could you check on my ftp site, if I have made
> > something wrong, before I announce these new packages?
> Hello Davide, thanks about your work.
> However, I didn't find a new libc5 package!  Just -dev & -dbg.

ops; now there are all of them, on the same ftp site

> Furthermore, I checked files of each package against their counterpart in i386
> architecture.  I think there are some mistakes:
> libc5-dev: usr/lib/libc.so.5.3.12	must be in libc5 only
> 	   usr/lib/libm.so.5.0.6	idem
> 	   usr/include/pthread		not found in libc5.4.20. Don't know
> 					whether we should keep it or remove it ?
> 	   usr/include/scsi		missing. get it from /usr/src/linux/include/scsi
> 	   usr/include/asm		could be renamed to asm-sparc then
> 	   				link asm to asm-sparc.
> libc5-dbg: no problem at all

I have remove these errors. Thanks Eric

> libc5-pic? missing.  I guess boot-floppies uses this library. So we must
> provide it.

ok; let me spend some time on it: you know, to have a libc5-pic I
must recompile libc5 with -DPIC; libc5 takes long time to compile
on my SPARC LX

BTW, libc5 is almost done: now I will work on gcc



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