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Doc on Debian Sparc Porting


	I hope this document will help Debian Sparc porting...

  Status of Debian Sparc Porting
  Davide Barbieri, paci@dei.unipd.it
  21 Gennaio 1997

  Debian Sparc is a work in progress. It is not yet ready, but you can
  work with dpkg in order to install some part of it, on an existing
  linux box.

  1.  How to install Debian

  You must install RedHat 4.0. Yes, it's true. RedHat is the only
  distribution which can be installed on a Sparc machine, without much
  more effort than installing it on a PC.

  But you can install dpkg on your RedHat system, and you can try to
  install some .deb packages.

  From Bdale Garbee:

  o  pull the cpio sources from the 'bo' tree, unpack them, and do a
     build followed by a "make install"... the cpio which ships with
     RedHat isn't good enough for dpkg.

  o  pull the dpkg sources from the 'bo' tree, unpack them, and do a
     build followed by a "make install".... this will give you a copy of
     dpkg that's good enough for installing .deb files.  You may have to
     hack to keep it from trying to build the docs, since they depend on
     a lot of Debian-specific tools, and you may have problems building
     dselect.  My approach was to be vicious about whacking the Makefile
     to get around such problems until I had a dpkg installed and
     working well enough to build other packages.

  o  the first time you try to run dpkg, it will complain about some
     files not existing.  I just "touch"'ed the files as they were
     complained about and dpkg seemed to do the right things.  Once you
     get a "dpkg --list" to correctly show you that there are no
     installed packages, you can grab some/all of the .deb files in the
     directory tree on master.debian.org and try installing them.

  o  One of the hacks I've pulled is to symlink /etc/init.d and the
     /etc/rc*.d directories to their RedHat counterparts in /etc/rc/, so
     that as I install things, like xntpd, that need daemon launches,
     they actually do the right things.

  On every site mirroring Debian, you can find a directory bo/binary-
  sparc. Try to install some of these packages (almost documentation,
  which wouldn't hurt your system), and see if everything goes well.

  Actually, via anonymous ftp, on test.dei.unipd.it, you can get some
  'base' Debian packages for sparc. You can try them, but pay attention,
  because they can really hurt your system!

  2.  Who is working on the port?

  The leader is Bdale Garbee bdale@gag.com . Davide Barbieri
  paci@dei.unipd.it is trying to help.

  3.  How can I help?

  First of all join the debian-sparc mailing list.  Then try to install
  some of the packages already built, and report errors on debian-sparc.
  If you can, pick up some debian sources, and try to compile them.

  4.  Disclaimer

  Let's say that this document is (C) 1996 by me, Davide Barbieri
  paci@dei.unipd.it . But most of the things are taken from what Bdale
  Garbee has said or done.

  This is a little document, but I hope it will grow, to help people use
  and contribute to Debian Sparc porting project.  Email me, if you have
  something to add or to change in this document.

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