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Re: which libc to build?

Davide Barbieri wrote:
> Hello,
> there's a problem building debian packages on sparc,
> due to lack of a libc-sparc.deb
> so i tried to build it, using libc 5.3.12, which seems
> to be the last version, patched for Sparc/Linux, without success...

I still not able to compile libc.

So I try a trick. I use alien from debmake package
to convert libc-5.3-12.rpm from redhat into a .deb

Some hacks and everything seems to went well.

I install libc-5.3-12.deb on my machine, without any crash
or unfunctionality. There are someone who want to try
this package? 

You can find it, with some other .deb packages for
sparc that I haven't try, via anonymous ftp
on test.dei.unipd.it:/pub/debian

sorry but I'm not able to put it on master.debian.org,
because my connection is too slow

thanks very much


Davide Barbieri   * Direttore editoriale PLUTO Journal - Linux Magazine   
paci@dei.unipd.it * http://www.dei.unipd.it/it/linux/pluto/journal 

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