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Re: Let's be nice to Red Hat, please!

Your message on: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 13:33:00 PST
>Official Debian policy is to avoid bashing other products. Take heed.
>Our relationship with Red Hat is very good, and it's going to stay that
>way. I apologize for the project if anyone was offended.

No offense taken.  We can take serious criticism well.

>I think Bdale was objecting to the fact that it was impossible to set up
>the system using a serial console. I too have too many computers to put
>a display on each.

Agreed.  We're working on it, but aren't sure of a nice solution yet.

>However, Debian is indeed deficient in the area addressed by Red Hat's
>control panel. We intend to fix that.

And I'd agree that we are deficient in text based control panel tools.
Hopefully we can do something about this...


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