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Re: archive.debian.org mirrors


Quoting Adam D. Barratt (2024-04-28 01:09:28)
> > Seeing mirror functionality being uncertain, I have started to track
> > archive.debian.org as a Git-LFS repository on gitlab.com.
> Please don't. If there's a problem with debian.org services then we should
> fix that, not start adding more copies of terabytes of data on third-party
> services.

speaking of mirroring problematic debian.org services [1] by adding more copies
of terabytes of data [2]: is there an update of the situation regarding
snapshot.d.o? I do not see any activity in bugs like #1050815 and #1029744. And
bug #1031628 was just closed as wont-fix.

Thank you!

cheers, josch

[1] https://snapshot.debian.org
[2] https://rebuilder-snapshot.debian.net/

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