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Bug#959518: apt-transport-http: Repeatable 'Undetermined Error' during package download from snapshot.debian.org

Quoting Julian Andres Klode (2020-09-14 21:49:15)
> >  - allow to specify a maximum bytes per second value for downloads (this
> >  has the largest effect if set low enough)
> That's Acquire::http::Dl-Limit
> >  - allow to set an option that makes apt automatically retry when a transient
> >    error occurs
> That's Acquire::Retries - well it retries in general I suppose. It misses a bits
> like DNS rotation, SRV rotation, but the goal is that this becomes the default
> sometime next year, with 3 retries per URL or something to work with flaky mirrors.
> > 
> >  - allow to set custom resolve addresses for domains like done in my code below
> That we don't have. Gotta use /etc/hosts
> Anyway, if you know you use snapshots.d.o, and it's flaky, maybe make use of
> Dl-Limit and Retries option?

I stand corrected. I think apt already offers all the tools needed to use
snapshot.debian.org. Setting Acquire::http::Dl-Limit indeed does the job. And
the option is even documented in apt-transport-http(1)


cheers, josch

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