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Bug#959518: apt-transport-http: Repeatable 'Undetermined Error' during package download from snapshot.debian.org

Package: snapshot.debian.org
Followup-For: Bug #959518
X-Debbugs-Cc: jay@jp-hosting.net

Understood.  The environment I'd like to get this working for is based on Debian stable, so we might be at an impasse unless I can compile the latest apt sources using buster.  I'm making progress on that and attempting to resolve some time64-related compilation issues (unrelated to this bug).

I'd like to keep this issue open against the snapshot.debian.org meta package since that seems a good way to resolve the problem assuming it is purely server-side.

Given the discussion so far would it make sense if I use BTS to attempt to (re)assign this bug from packages {apt,snapshot.debian.org} -> {snapshot.debian.org}?

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