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Re: [ANNOUNCE] git-deb: a Git importer for Debian packages

Gabriel de Perthuis wrote:
> I only know what dgit does from reading the source code.  dgit works
> server-side and is only available to DDs; as I understand it it creates
> a new, canonical repo, imports the current version and uses that as a
> base for new uploads.  It's useful as part of a maintainer's workflow.
> My tool is useful to get a git view of any package, without waiting for
> anyone to convert their repo.

Conceptually, they are quite similar. Both are viewing the Debian
archive as poor man's version control system, and providing a git
interface to it. dgit doesn't currently concern itself with downloading 
historic versions of the package, so it essentially does a shallow clone
from the archive, while git-deb does a deep clone.

It would be useful if you could arrange for git-deb to produce the
identical git commit shas for importing a given version of a package as
does dgit. dgit uses some simple techniques, like using the
debian/changelog date as the git commit date, to ensure that repeatedly
importing the same version of a package from the debian archive will
always yield the same sha.

Note that you can use dgit clone any package without being a Debian
developer. You only need an alioth account in order to dgit push.

see shy jo

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