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Re: Debian snapshot.debian.org replica on the Amazon cloud?

On 27/09/2013 5:32 AM, Paul Wise wrote:
Hi James,

I'm wondering if Amazon would be interested in donating hosting for a
replica of the data behind snapshot.debian.org. It is around 17TB last I
checked and constantly growing as people upload more packages. There is
also a postgres database with metadata, I think that is about 60-70GB.
Currently there is only one functional replica of the data.

Hi Paul,

Couple of questions (while I am waiting to come home) - the underlying data set - is it a massive symlink farm for the files? Whats the current growth rate? Are there any individual files greater than 5 TB? Where is the data currently? Can we get it loaded onto a set of HDDs for shipping into AWS, or would you want to sync that all online over a period?

Just want to work out what would be required. I see the costs would be around US$1600/month for this (hosted in the US) - around US$20k/year, so I just need to convince the company of this and get approval.

Would we be able to get an AWS logo in the footer, and acknowledgment on the front page, etc? I need to build a justification for something this big.


(On my way home to Perth today, arriving Sunday)

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