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Re: Question about snapshotting Debian subprojects (e.g. neuro.debian.net)

On Wed, 22 Sep 2010, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> Could you please give me a dump of your database (put it online
> somewhere, maybe)?  I'm curious to reproduce this here.
it is quite small since there is nothing really in it ;)

for completeness: to create the beast I did:

# as psql super
createuser -DRS snapshot
dropdb snapshotdb # to drop the one played with before
createdb -O snapshot snapshotdb
psql -f db-init.sql snapshotdb
# e done as snapshot
psql -f db-create.sql snapshotdb

# Create our archive
./snapshot -c snapshot.conf -v -a neurodebian add-archive

> Also, are you on squeeze or on lenny?

> Please note that the fuse thing is kinda buggy in that it does not
> support some things that can happen with e.g. binnmus.
ok - thanks

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