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Re: Question about snapshotting Debian subprojects (e.g. neuro.debian.net)

On Wed, 22 Sep 2010, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

> * got up-to-date git repository (b1bd8ca5cc69f6c53af1f9f8e7f4afdf118f9b6e)
> * setup clean chroot with postgresql and required dependencies
>   (see attached patch for README with dependencies for DB and FUSE)
> * setup DB (used db-init.sql and db-create.sql, although initially in
>              the wrong sequence ;-))
> * created our own configuration file
> * created archive with
>   ./snapshot -c snapshot.conf -v -a neurodebian add-archive
> * but now I am somewhat lost on what should be my course of action..
>   fs-list given a directory works, but "import" fails:

> (snapshots-session)snapshot@pymvpa:~/snapshot$ ./snapshot -s -c snapshot.conf -p /home/www/neuro.debian.net/www/debian -v -a neurodebian import
> ./snapshot:671:in `>': comparison of String with 1 failed (ArgumentError)
> 	from ./snapshot:671:in `_get_prev_next'
> 	from ./snapshot:710:in `import_from_filesystem'
> 	from ./snapshot:1335:in `import'
> 	from ./snapshot:1451


I just tried that and it works for me.

Could you please give me a dump of your database (put it online
somewhere, maybe)?  I'm curious to reproduce this here.

Also, are you on squeeze or on lenny?

> also, what kind of config.yaml would I need for fuse?

The same snapshot.conf you use for snapshot itself.
> 	(snapshots-session)snapshot@pymvpa:~/snapshot$ fuse/snapshotfs 
> 	Usage: fuse/snapshotfs <config.yaml> [fuse options] <mountpoint>

Please note that the fuse thing is kinda buggy in that it does not
support some things that can happen with e.g. binnmus.

> P.S. also I dared to diverge from original name for the DB to be somewhat
> more descriptive (i.e. snapshotdb instead of just snapshot which is also a name
> of the user).  just in case -- attaching the patch as well for db-init.

That's fine.  I'm not calling every database foodb.  It's a database
already, the db serves no purpose in its name :)

> +DB-Depends: postgresql-plperl-8.4 postgresql-8.4-debversion
> +FUSE-Depends: python-fuse

Sounds good, applied.  Thanks a lot.

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