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Re: Cannot connect to snapshot.debian.org

Hello Peter,

thanks for your fast reply. Sorry for the trouble we have caused.

The request came from our debian package caching system. All our servers
(over 400) running over this cache.
We solved this with apt-cacher-ng. Every sunday we change the package
source urls timestamp to the actual date.

For example:

Unfortunately it seems so that apt-cacher-ng passes all request for
/dists/ directly to your system and this caused the 550000 hits.
At the moment I switched back to the "normal" package mirrors
(packages.debian.org, backports.org, ...).

I hope to solve the problem with apt-cacher-ng and to reduce the hits on
snapshots.debian.org. I would be very pleased if you could disable the
block of our ip. So I can test an possible solution.

Kind regards,


Peter Palfrader schrieb:
> Steffen Eichler schrieb am Montag, dem 26. Juli 2010:
>> since yesterday our apt-cacher-ng-server has problems to reach
>> snapshots.debian.org . Could it be possible that you have locked some IP
>> s yesterday or few days before?
> Yup, we blocked one IP yesterday because it was hitting snapshot
> excessively, and causing the DB to run out of connections.
> weasel@sibelius:~$ zgrep  /var/log/apache2/snapshot.debian.org-access.log-20100725.gz   | grep '/dists/' | wc -l
> 552295
> weasel@sibelius:~$ zgrep  /var/log/apache2/snapshot.debian.org-access.log-20100725.gz   | grep '/pool/' | wc -l
> 3
> I'm a bit curious, what are you doing with snapshot that causes over
> half a million hits each day to various files under */dists/?
> Cheers,
> Peter

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