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Re: Cannot connect to snapshot.debian.org

Steffen Eichler schrieb am Montag, dem 26. Juli 2010:

> since yesterday our apt-cacher-ng-server has problems to reach
> snapshots.debian.org . Could it be possible that you have locked some IP
> s yesterday or few days before?

Yup, we blocked one IP yesterday because it was hitting snapshot
excessively, and causing the DB to run out of connections.

weasel@sibelius:~$ zgrep  /var/log/apache2/snapshot.debian.org-access.log-20100725.gz   | grep '/dists/' | wc -l
weasel@sibelius:~$ zgrep  /var/log/apache2/snapshot.debian.org-access.log-20100725.gz   | grep '/pool/' | wc -l

I'm a bit curious, what are you doing with snapshot that causes over
half a million hits each day to various files under */dists/?

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