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Re: new-application

Sorry for the delay. I had major surgery on the 12th of May and I'm just
now getting back into the swing of work. Thanks for your patience.

As you may know, new-maintainer has been inactive while the process was
re-designed. We are currently deep in the testing phase, and have just
begun to work on the backlog of old application requests.

Your request has been added to the list for May, and at the rate we are
processing applicants, you should hear from an Application Manager by mid
June. If you still haven't heard anything by then, feel free to send me an
e-mail and I will do what I can to expedite your application process.

Thank you for your interest, and welcome to the new-maintainer process.


On Tue, 16 May 2000, Yu Guanghui wrote:

> Hello new-maintainer,
>     I joined the Debian Chinese Plan last year.As a active member,I
>     wrote a Chinese encodings auto-convert program.That have been include in
>     the potato.(zh-autoconvert) It now maintain by Anthony Fok <foka@debain.org>.
>     First I want to maintain it myself.Second I want to work with Anthony Fok
>     and others for Debian Chinese Plan.Now there are only three maintianers in
>     Debian Chinese Plan.Of cause,if needed,I'm glad to maintain any packages
>     for Debian,not only the Chinese.
>     Now I am working for Network Center,Dalian Univ. of Tech.,China.
>     My email is ygh@dlut.edu.cn.
>     My name is Yu Guanghui.
>     Looking forward to your reply.Thanks.
>                                          Yu Guanghui
> -- 
> Best regards,
>  Yu                          mailto:ygh@dlut.edu.cn

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