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Re: Japanese GTK/GNOME text garbled.

Owen Taylor wrote:

> Most likely, you don't have Japanese locales installed. GNU libc-2.1,
> doesn't really suppport Japanese locales, but you can create fake
> locales that approximate them well enough for more purposes. We ship
> these with our 6.1j distribution, but not with the regular Red Hat 6.1.

6.1J has locale-ja ver 2. We made a upgrade version in Feb, which
use locale-ja ver 9. And the default locale had been changed to

> The particular package you need is the locale-ja package.  I don't
> know offhand of a mirror of 6.1j, but you should be able to find one
> with a little looking around. (Let me know if you have trouble and I
> can put the package up somewhere.)

Unfortunately, it is not availabe from any ftp site yet. Most users here
get a free CD from a Linux magzine.

I can send you the locale-ja rpm if you want.

Chris Ding
Red Hat, Tokyo

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