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Re: Japanese GTK/GNOME text garbled.

Jack Hannon <jhannon@hologic.com> writes:

> When I attempt to run an GTK/GNOME application with either LC_ALL set to
> ja_JA or LANGUAGE set to ja, the translations are used but not presented
> in Japanese.  Instead they are just garbled characters.
> I do not have this problem when running for other languages.
> I am running under RedHat Linux 6.1
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Most likely, you don't have Japanese locales installed. GNU libc-2.1,
doesn't really suppport Japanese locales, but you can create fake
locales that approximate them well enough for more purposes. We ship
these with our 6.1j distribution, but not with the regular Red Hat 6.1.

The particular package you need is the locale-ja package.  I don't
know offhand of a mirror of 6.1j, but you should be able to find one
with a little looking around. (Let me know if you have trouble and I
can put the package up somewhere.)


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