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Re: [thhsieh: IMdkit problem on OverTheSpot]

On Tue, Feb 08, 2000 at 10:06:54PM +0800, Steve Underwood wrote:
> I looked at Source Forge in detail for the first time. Putting the project there seemed
> sensible, so I submitted a request. The automated procedure says I should get a reply
> within 24 hours. If they actually create the IMdkit.sourceforge.org site I will populate
> it with the current code, and we can work from there.
> I hope this is acceptable.

It's OK to me. How about the others?  :-))

Besides, I also put the modified IMdkit version in:


In this version I have fixed several bugs according to Ximd in ami.
I only enable the "X/" transport when compilation, so that it can
be compiled/linked with Xlib directly, without any of the xtrans
source from Xlib. I think this might be a better way for a stand along
package: not depend on any internal source of other packages when
building. If we want to enable the "tcp" and "localhost" transports,
then we might need the include files from xtrans source, and also
need to modify some codes of IMdkit, since the API of xtrans codes
in newer versions of Xlib (namely 3.3.6) has been changed.

I also removed the original Imakefiles and replaced them by the
Makefile.in, such that the Makefile can be generated from xcin
autoconf. I think this is only good for xcin, but might not be good
for a stand along package. Since in ami, they also do this way, so
do I. If anyone don't think that this is a good idea, please help
to put the original Imakefiles back according the original IMdkit
package. This should be very easy to do.

Of course, in IMdkit2 the X11R5 Ximp supports is also removed, but
in ami they are still remained. I don't know for a stand along package,
the X11R5 should be supported too or not. For me, the current Xi18n
(X11R6 supports) seems work well even in Netscape-4.X (which use 
Motif, might follow the X11R5 protocol). If any one think that we
should also have the support to X11R5 Ximp, I suggest that we should
use the ami code of Ximp part and put them back, since I think that
they already fixed a lot of similar bugs.


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