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Re: a newbie's question

It's strange, the 3c95x doesn't work with my 3c905C card, I am afraid
I misconfigure the /etc/conf.modules, would you show me the part to set
up the card? (i.e. alias eth0....)

Also, I've been told in the previous mail that the configuration might be 
in some place else, would you tell me where shall I look into to
configure my network properly? (say, /etc/sysconfig/network....)

Please kindly help! Thank you very much!


> The driver for 3c905 series by Donald Becker _is_ included in slink and
> it's called
> 3c59x. See http://cesdis1.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/ for more info.
> I've no problem in
> using it for a 3c905b NIC recently in slink.
> Hope this helps,
> ST
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