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Re: (fwd) [转录]如何在 Netscape 中不用 bg5ps 列印中文]


Saturday, December 25, 1999, 12:23:10 PM, you wrote:

AF>   谢谢柏锋兄在 cle-devel 贴的文章,教了大家如何利用 CID Postscript 字型,
AF> 例如 Adobe 利用台湾教育部 (MOE) 制出来那一套,直接在 GNU/Linux 下的 Netscape
AF> 列印中文,不用 bg5ps 等工具了。

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AF> Subject: [cle-devel] (fwd) [转录]如何在 Netscape 中不用 bg5ps 列印中文
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AF> Subject: [转录]如何在 Netscape 中不用 bg5ps 列印中文

AF> ※ [本文转录自 386BSD 看板]

AF> 发信人: bearscorp.bbs@bbs.life.nthu.edu.tw (无责任学长), 看板: 386BSD
AF> 标  题: 如何在 Netscape 中不用 bg5ps 列印中文

AF>     要让 Ghostscript 使用中文 postscript 字型其实
AF>     很早就可以做, 主要是用 type 0 composite font.
AF>     因为 type 1 的 font 只能有 256 个字元, 因此对
AF>     于中文日文等, 就一定要用 type 0 composite font,
AF>     把许多 type 1 的字型拼起来, 许多 tex 系统就是
AF>     这样做的. 日本人很早就有人推出 free 的 PS fonts,
AF>     就是用 type 0 font.

AF>     中文原本也可以做, 不过可能是因为太麻烦了, 一直
AF>     没有一个方便的套件推出. 我一直想要直接由 Netscape
AF>     列印中文, bg5ps 一类的套件虽然可以用, 可是多一套
AF>     手续就是不方便.

It seems BP use PS font to do Chinese print as well as TLC.

If you look at ifcss.org or any of its mirror site, under
ftp://ftp.ifcss.org/pub/software/fonts/gb/ps/, you will see
a package called gbpfb (Chinese{GB} PostScript fonts) put
together by Chen Xiangyang (I don't know who he is ;).

What it does is converting a Chinese true type font to a Postscript
font (a bunch of type 1 fonts, 128 per set. Maybe something can be
done to pack the font set to a single file, Type 0?). The readme file
gives a pretty good description on what it did. It also includes
a script called ns2cps. This script will convert a normal PS
file to a cps which use chinese ps font for Chinese characters.
This looks like a more sane approach to the Chinese printing
problem under Unix. If it sits before lpr command (a wrap around lpr
that call this ns2cps before actually do the lpr thing), We can do any
Chinese ps printing easily without hacks. Of cause we need to add
Big5 support if we really use this approach. But I don't know much
about PostScript and printing, so please feel free to criticise.
The package at ifcss.org dated April 1998. I don't know if there
is a later version out there. I did not mentioned it before is because
that there were no Free Chinese TTF before Arphic's great move.

Anyway, there are some tools at http://www.fontlab.com which
do convertion from TTF to PS1 too. Free demo for evaluation,
Windows/Mac . (A test using a 938KB RichStone GB TTF to ps1
seems okey but it runs slow on my 32MB RAM box. The result is a 4.65MB
pfb file and a 491KB .afm file. Using ScanFont on the site.)

Since Arphic released some very good TTF fonts, it is possible
to do the convert without license issue.

Best regards,
 hashao                            mailto:hashao@telebot.com

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