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[ANNOUNCE]AutoConvert 0.3.2 Release(bugfix version)

	Fix a bug which can halt this program when convert
Chinese HZ endcoing to GB/Big5.Dont use the version 0.3.1,replace it use

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  //Yu Guanghui<ygh@dlut.edu.cn> />Chinese Editor          \\
 // Network Center              // LinuxFocus Magazine     //
//  Dalian Univ. of Tech.,China//  www.linuxfocus.org     //
\>  banyan.dlut.edu.cn/~ygh   </   linuxfocus.dlut.edu.cn</  

[ This mail was originally sent to debian-chinese@lists.debian.org and was ]
[ forwarded to this list automatically. Big5 characters are also converted ]
[ to GB at the same time,  Please note that there may be errors during the ]
[ conversion as this is not done by a human!                               ]

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