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Re: [jec@dcs.ed.ac.uk: ANNOUNCE: Xfsft-1.1.7]

Hello Anthony Fok,

Friday, October 15, 1999, 12:01:29 PM, Anthony Fok wrote:

AF> Does the following messages mean that Xfsft will become part of
AF> XFree86-4.0.0?  Did the XFree86 Team decide to go with Xfsft instead of
AF> X-TT?  If so, what would happen to X-TT?

Well, XFree86 4 will use both from what I read in their (XFree86) plain.

AF> (I'm sure both X-TT and Xfsft work well with CJK fonts nowadays.
AF> I don't know.  :-)

Are you sure xfsft works for CJK fonts? It is cool.

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