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Re: dh_installcatalogs for XML and XML registered sgml-data available

Mark Johnson <mrj@debian.org> writes:

>> Where would the symlinks go?
>> I couldn't find anything in the SGML or XML policy describing the
>> symlinking.  
> There's nothing in there (yet) about symlinking. Should I add it even
> though it's more of a transitional migration issue?


>> Can someone clue me in?
> All I had in mind was to put symlinks in their previous
> /usr/share/sgml/ installation locations for those xml resources that
> get moved to /usr/share/xml/.

Ah, ok. Is this it?

> For example, for docbook-xml you could make a symlink
> /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dtd/xml that points to
> /usr/share/xml/docbook/schema/dtd/, and install the docbook-xml files
> into the latter directory.
> That's all I was planning to do, anyway. Haven't really thought about
> it in any more depth than this.

I concur -- I think this is all that is *useful* to do.

In a previous email I mentioned you should also note the SGML catalog
registration of XML materials.

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