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Re: do we need more policy drafts? (was Re: XML Catalog Policy Draft 1)

On , January 18, Adam DiCarlo wrote:
> Mark, as much as I appreciate your work, I don't think we need more
> policy drafts.  

I agree. The point of my posts was to address some heretofore
unaddressed issues concerning XML catalog implementation. Too much
talk and not enough action is not a good thing.

> We need a working xml-core, 


> and also for someone to take the drafts out there already (Ardo and
> mine, yours, LSB-XML, and the SGML drafts now in
> /usr/share/doc/sgml-base-doc) and making a unified Debian SGML/XML
> policy draft which is suitable.

Strongly agree.

> I think this Document should be in the DDP area, possibly as
> "sgml-xml-policy".

Sure, haven't yet used the DDP system, but am happy to learn it. 

> I think this document should be designed to be suitable for eventually
> being raised to the following status:
>   - part of Debian policy


>   - an improved and updated LSB proposal (with minor alterations of
>     course)


> I am not volunteering to steer or lead this this, but I volunteering
> to help.

Since I'm currently unencumbered by gainful employment and unless
someone objects, I'd be happy to serve as coordinator/editor of said
unified SGML/XML policy. [Assuming Ardo or someone else puts together
the base package(s).]

If I indeed serve in this capacity, someone will have to walk me
through the DDP system. 

Later today I'll post some thoughts on xml-core/xml-common, or
whatever the package will be named.

Then, Sunday night or Monday morning I'll attempt to summarize the
various points regarding XML Catalog implementation and the role and
content of xml-common. Hopefully, that would give me enough to get to
work on the policy docs and for Ardo to put together an xml-common

Regarding the package naming: xml-commons is also the name of the
apache package that contains the latest version of Norm's XML
Catalog-aware entity resolver. Maybe xml-core is a better name...

At any rate, I'll ITP and upload the newest version of Norm's resolver
along with Ardo's xml-XXXXX package. It works with most of the major
java-based XSLT processors. We really should have more toolchains
available than libxml2/libxslt. (E.g. I still prefer Saxon, as do many

Ardo & I can work together off-list on some of the xml-XXXX issues...


Mark Johnson        <mark@duke.edu>
Debian XML/SGML     <mrj@debian.org>
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