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Re: SGML/XML Policy Group - XML Catalog Update

On Sun, 2 Jun 2002, Mark Johnson wrote:

> (2) A number policy decisions, (of varying priority)
>      - xml catalog naming conventions
>      - what, precisely, to do in the package install scripts, as far
>        as registering the resources in the catalogs. (Workable options
>        are many.)
>      - whether to implement the hierarchical/cascading catalog system
>        as we did in following the LSB-SGML draft. IMO, that (i.e., the
>        current) system has too much redundancy, most of which could be
>        eliminated by using DELEGATE entries in /etc/sgml/catalog and
>        also in /etc/sgml/*.cat
>      - (if applicable) whether to generate some of the xml catalogs
>        for a given package via the postinst scripts (with
>        /usr/bin/xmlcatalog), or to include them in the packages
>      - whether to move to a /usr/share/sgml /usr/share/xml split, as
>        will be done with /etc/sgml and /etc/xml

	Glad you are active again - and Happy Birthday! In addition to the
above items, could you also please consider a SYSTEM local location for
the dtd that defines XML Catalog documents? While xsltproc doesnt
reference the 'net for this DTD when it uses the catalogs, that is not to
say that there wont be another XSL processor or other XML programs that
need to reference this DTD.


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