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Re: Bug#139058: RFP: w3-dtd-xhtml -- XHTML 1.1: Module-based Extensible HyperText Markup Language 1.1 DTD

On , March 19, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Ah, yes, xhtml 1.0 is in sgml-data, but not 1.0, nor the modular xhtml
> or any of that.

OK, good. It sounds like we're all on the same page now.

> If you want me to remove xhtml 1.0 from sgml-data because a new xhtml
> pkg is available which has it in it and xhtml 1.1 or whatever, just
> ask and I can do it very very quickly.

If I can get to packaging xhtml (all versions) in the next few days
I'll let you know. Then we can do the changes.
> Please just instruct me what you want.  

Nothing more for now. You gave all the needed info. BTW, I know
exactly how you feel.

You can safely tune out of the conversation now, Adam. (Any replies
please remove aph@debian.org and/or adam@onshore-devel.com from the cc

I think Silvestre has a good idea asking that the docs be included
with the package. The larger implication being that any w3 dtd package
should come with the corresponding docs. Of course, such a plan would
necessitate a rethinking of the doc-html-w3 package, which is already
quite large at 45 MB installed size. Yikes! (see Bug#116098)

As the doc-html-w3 maintainer Francesco Lovergine pointed out in a
reply to the above bug report, half of this (22MB) comes from the
MathML docs. So maybe MathML would be an exception to the idea that
w3-dtd-mathml (my package) include the docs. IMO, it wouldn't fair to
force 22MB of MathML docs on someone who only wishes to use mathml
e.g. within docbook. 

The doc-w3-html package would then only have to contain docs for the
stuff in sgml-data. Hmmm, but then the name doc-html-w3 is misleading. 

I appear to be converging on the idea of having an sgml-data-doc (or
similar) package, and putting the rest of the w3 docs in with the
corresponding dtd packages. Seems downright sensible. Ugh. Major
migration ahead.

Comments, anyone?

> All my energy is on boot-floppies right now, I don't have time to
> follow up on this.

Tune out & focus on the boot floppies. They're sort of important:-)

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