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Re: Bug#139058: RFP: w3-dtd-xhtml -- XHTML 1.1: Module-based Extensible HyperText Markup Language 1.1 DTD

* Mark Johnson <mrj@debian.org> [2002-03-19 16:37]:
> I believe the xhtml stuff is part of sgml-data. (Look in
> /usr/share/sgml/html/dtd/xml/). 

Hi Mark!

Adam Di Carlo doesn't think so: (quoting from Bug #89217)
"[...] It used to be included in
sgml-data, but the maintainer (myself) felt that such packages should
be included separately.  XHTML 1.1 was dropped from sgml-data as of
version 1.5.0."

> I never use these, so I may be wrong, but it looks like the xhtml
> version included with current sgml-data is 1.0 and not the modular
> version 1.1. (or both)

Yep, it's 1.0.

> For the sake of consistency, then, XHTML 1.1 should probably be a part
> of sgml-data, as well. Else XHTML would have to be split from
> sgml-data, which is unlikely and, in any event, would be up to Adam
> DiCarlo.

Well, I think it would be sensible to provide a w3-dtd-xhtml containing
all (1.0 and 1.1, that is) XHTML versions. But that split would be up to
Adam Di Carlo and the packager, as you noted.

> Seems like this should instead be a bug against sgml-data, and not an
> RFP.

No, see Bug #89217

> BTW, the docs for xhtml1.1 are in the doc-html-w3 package.

Yes, I know. doc-html-w3 2001.10-1 incorrectly closed #89217.

I wanted to reopen it but couldn't do so, because the bug was resolved
for more than 28 days.

So I basicly refiled this bug.

So long,

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