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Re: installing original docbook-dsssl-stylesheets

Mark Johnson wrote on 010522 20:11 -0400:
> - Then do all the other important stuff that I'm probably forgetting.

Thanks Mark for your suggestions.

Finally I ended up with the following (in case somebody wants to try
it too - but NO WARRANTY!):

- move away the original Debian 
  /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheet/dsssl/docbook/nwalsh directory 
  to .../nwalsh-1.64 
- put all files from the original DocBook DSSSL stylesheet archive in 
  a directory 
- the Debian catalog file still works, so there is no need to replace
  the catalog file
- switch between the two versions simply by moving the apropriate
  directory to .../nwalsh

Thanks again
mw@miwie.in-berlin.de                              http://www.miwie.org

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