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Re: installing original docbook-dsssl-stylesheets

Michael Wiedmann writes:
> I think about installing the original DocBook DSSSL stylesheet files
> instead using the Debian package (because I *have* to use the most
> recent version of them).
> What is the proposed way to do this on a potato system. 

Since Adam is super busy on boot-floppy & related release stuff, I'll
take a shot at this one. I know Adam adds some stylesheets (basic.dsl
and freebsd.dsl) and does a number of tweaks, hence my disclaimer:
 Something Might Break.  

Having now absolved myself of all liabilty, here's my suggestion:

> The original
> DocBook archive contains a 'catalog' file, so it should be a matter of
> 'updating' the master catalog file somehow. 

Yep, that's the basic idea. But you'll have to do a a few fixes before
you update the master catalog. Paths and stuff.

- Fix the paths in the new catalog the entries are correct relative to
  /usr/lib/sgml/. For example, if you're using version 1.70 and putting
  everything in the same place as the debian package did, you'll need to
  prepend each path entry with:


- Remove the old entry before adding the new one: 

    install-sgmlcatalog --remove docbook-stylesheets

  * This is taken care of automatically by the prerm script when you
    remove the docbook-stylesheets package, anyway.

  (see /var/lib/dpkg/info/docbook-stylesheets.prerm)

- Then do your 

  > $ install-sgmlcatalog --install /path/to/catalog docbook-stylesheets 

  (see /var/lib/dpkg/info/docbook-stylesheets.postinst)

- Then do all the other important stuff that I'm probably forgetting.

Good luck,


Mark Johnson
Senior Lecturing Fellow
Department of Physics 
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0305

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