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Acceptable web framework on a debian.org host?

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I am a student working on a project under the GSoC program for Debian
and my mentors are Sukhbir Singh and Andreas Tille. As part of my
project, I am required to build a web interface to present the data
collected by the Team Metrics Project[1].

I will have to select a python based web framework to implement the
project and one of the criterion is that the selected web framework
should be installable on a debian.org host. Andreas suggested that I
should clarify with the DSA if the selected framework is acceptable
and only proceed, once I have the confirmation. I have already asked
this on debian-admin list.

I would like to know if Flask[2] is an acceptable web framework, as
that would be the most well suited framework for my project. Flask is
already packaged in Debian.

If not, what are the acceptable web frameworks? Other options include
frameworks like Django and Pylons.

Thank you.

[1] : http://teammetrics.alioth.debian.org/
[2] : http://flask.pocoo.org/

Vipin Nair
National Institute of Technology, Calicut

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