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ramdisk, compress, no swap


I wish to use 512 Mb  RAM to create a ramdisk, compressed, not for swap.

A file system mounted writeable, where in realtime the system  write /
read a lot of text files.

I wish to load as less as  possible the cpu, so I pointing at LZO
compression, following fusecompress docs.

The problem : how to get fusecompress working with /dev/shm or any tmpfs ?

( Squashfs seems to be for a different usage : write once, read many )

1) Is it possible a ramdisk, compressed, file system, to use as any other f.s. ?

Fusecompress or other tools ?

2) Are there any robust solution  ?

I cannot find a tool in the default repos / docs ...

Thanks in advance, Massimo

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