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List introductions


welcome to the debian-services-admin mailing list.

The intent of the list is to be a single point of contact for issues
with services deployed on Debian infrastructure. It is intended as a
reasonably low-traffic list where everyone who's working on any such
services should hang out.

The list will occasionally end up providing some support to people
working on new services, such as tips for deployment or help for how to
build on existing work, although big discussions should probably be
redirected to debian-devel@l.d.o to keep traffic reasonably low, which
allows busy people to hang out on the list without undeserved pain.

I'd like to put the list to some use by starting a little census of the
services that we already have, possibly by encouraging their maintainers
to join the list and write a line about their work.

I've started a draft wiki page to collect the results of the census:

Here's the initial list of services that I collected during discussion
at Debconf; it is by no means complete, feel free to volunteer more
names (with pointers):

  ask.debian.net, blends pages, bts-ldap, bts.turmzimmer.net, buildd,
  cdbuilding, DACA, db.d.o, DDE, DDPO, DDPO-by-mail, DDPortfolio, DDTSS,
  debchanges, debtags, DEHS, DEHS, DEHS, distromatch, echelon, EDOS,
  keylog, manpages, mentors, mia, MIA., minechangelogs, mole, nm.d.o,
  patch-tracker, PETand, piuparts.debian.org, planet, popcon, PTS, PTS,
  rapt-file, rmadison, screenshot, search.d.o, UDD



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