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Re: Array IBM x3100 M4

Hello Marcelo Oscar.,
On Tue, 17 May 2022, OLCESE, Marcelo Oscar.- wrote:

Good afternoon people!!


I am trying to install Debian 11 on an IBM System x3100 M4 2582AC1 server and the ARRAY is not recognizing me.

I'm looking at IBM but it only has REDHAT and Susex.

Someone who has a driver or who has been able to install it on that computer?
I think you are not in the right place concerning installation or support of Debian on a specific hardware: the ML you write on is related to security topics.

Maybe you can take a look here to find the right mailing list (https://lists.debian.org/completeindex.html) or maybe someone can point you out the right place for your request.


Thank you.




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