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Re: What is the best free HIDS for Debian

On Tue, May 03, 2022 at 02:18:51PM +0200, Sylvain wrote:
> I have a segfault and this line in syslog: kernel: [ 1771.894150]
> aide[7032]: segfault at 1c ip 00007f7472672050 sp
> 00007fffc95d5bf0 error 4 in libnss_systemd.so.2[7f7472671000+33000]. The
> system is up to date from backports. The segfault is solved if I use the
> aid-dynamic package, but the scan is too much long...

What did you exclude from the default configuration? aide is in default
configured to check all home directores, which is probably not a good
idea if they contain millions of movies and pictues.

Did you read the fine README.Debian that comes with the aide package?


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