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Re: What is the best free HIDS for Debian

Thank you for your responses!

- It throws a segfault error while scaning on one PC. No errors mentioned in log files. - on another machine tripwire worked fine for a long time but now I have this error while scaning:
	*** Fatal exception: basic_string::_M_create
	*** Exiting...
	run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/tripwire exited with return code 8

I have a segfault and this line in syslog: kernel: [ 1771.894150] aide[7032]: segfault at 1c ip 00007f7472672050 sp 00007fffc95d5bf0 error 4 in libnss_systemd.so.2[7f7472671000+33000]. The system is up to date from backports. The segfault is solved if I use the aid-dynamic package, but the scan is too much long...

I have this error while initializing the DB: integrit (main): Error: walk_file_tree: Permission denied The support is simply a mailing list and I still don't have an answer about this problem.

There is no .deb for this soft. The compilation ends with an error. I've just contact the support.

There's a problem during installation. I've just contact the support.

I'll test Wazuh.

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