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Re: Have I caught a firmware attack in the act? Or am I just paranoid?

I have only seen intelligence visiting my home when I left an offline computer around with HDD.

If you feel safe answering: what country was this in?  Your name and time zone suggest Germany/Austria/Switzerland, which I wouldn't have thought of as the kind of places that do this.

With the amendment of the StPO 2017, the German Bundestag created a legal basis for the widespread use of these so-called Statetrojans[¹]

More states have laws that let they spy citizen with trojans. This cause our device/software to be less secure and the same backdoor can be used also by others. Also when data is collected is also accessible by people who work directly/indirectly and some of these can use that data (sell/send to others/read for himself/...)

  Yes, I´d believe it to be a problem when the state buys zero days exploits which are then kept secret so that they can continue to be exploited. In the worst case people are paid for moving malicious bugs in and by selling them later on. The state should act responsible and contend to improve the security of our systems instead of undermining them. If it is true what I have heard then intelligence services in Germany are still using typewriters.

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