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Re: Have I caught a firmware attack in the act? Or am I just paranoid?

On 15/08/19 22:57, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:

I have only seen intelligence visiting my home when I left an offline computer around with HDD.

If you feel safe answering: what country was this in?  Your name and time zone suggest Germany/Austria/Switzerland, which I wouldn't have thought of as the kind of places that do this.

With the amendment of the StPO 2017, the German Bundestag created a legal basis for the widespread use of these so-called Statetrojans[¹]

More states have laws that let they spy citizen with trojans. This cause our device/software to be less secure and the same backdoor can be used also by others. Also when data is collected is also accessible by people who work directly/indirectly and some of these can use that data (sell/send to others/read for himself/...)



Dizionari: http://linguistico.sourceforge.net/wiki
Esci dall'illegalità: utilizza LibreOffice/OpenOffice:
Non autorizzo la memorizzazione del mio indirizzo su outlook

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