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Re: Two HDD on Desktop PC

On 04/08/2019 21:51, Mostaf Faridi wrote:
> I have Desktop PC with two HDDs . on first HDD, I have Debian 10 and on
> Second HDD , I have Linux Mint.
> File system on Debian is Ext4.
> When I boot by linux mint I can access to files on Debian HDD. 
> I want this is not happen.
> I want all my files can not accessing by other linux distro.
> How I can config 
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Hello Mostaf,

there have been already some suggestions. But to find the right
solution, you have to say what level of isolation of those two systems
you need.

- is it just to prevent unprivileged users from accessing the other
drive? - then umount and removal from fstab is probably enough

- is it to prevent root from reading the other drive? - then you must

- is it to prevent root from erasing the oter drive? - then you must
physically remove it each time

Best Regards
        Vladislav Kurz

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