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Re: Mandatory Access Control

I think the problem lies in this "someone can give me your opinion about it?"  It's really all
opinion.  Each have their advantages and disadvantages.  Pretty sure most companies that would
require SElinux would also require RHEL/CentOS.  Debian simply gives you a choice of what you'd
prefer.  So if you really want to do it, look at each of them, and decide for yourself.  

On Sun, 2015-11-29 at 14:29 -0300, c4p0 wrote:
> I read the fucking manuals but don't have clear what is the better
> option of "Mandatory Access Control" for debian jessie.
> (AppArmor, SElinux, tomoyo, etc ..)
> someone can give me your opinion about it?
> thanks in advance

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