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Re: Is this a hacking attempt?

Bonno Bloksma <b.bloksma@tio.nl> wrote:
> Van: paul.is.wise@gmail.com [mailto:paul.is.wise@gmail.com] Namens Paul Wise

>>> Fortunately, this works, but there are sites where doesn't.
>> Do you have any examples of sites that still need Flash? Obviously
>> flash game sites still need it but surely almost all of the web has
>> moved away from it at this point?

> VMware based their "new" vSphere management interface around flash.
> The idea was that companies without Windows machines no longer need a
> Windows PC just to use the VMware client. All they need now is a
> machine with flash. ;-)

Which has been subverted since vSphere 5.5, because Linux is no longer a
supported platform for the vSphere Web Client.

You can kind of limb along using Google Chrome, which has an included
Flash 15 (Flash 11.5 or higher is needed for the vSphere Web Client
whereas the last official Adobe release is 11.2) but then there are
still features unavailable for Linux users, like beeing able to insert
local CD/DVDs or images into the virtual DVD drive. Also the keyboard
mapping for the virtual console is totally broken on Linux. If you
configure your VM to use an English keyboard layout it kind of works,
any other layout is unusable. For example you are not able to type the /
while using a German keyboard layout. Any key using a modifier key like
Alt or Shift (besides uppercase letters, which work) is broken.

So in the end, you again need a Windows PC to use the vSphere Web Client
if you need to use any feature besides VM powering on and off.


Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.

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